In 2002, Omid founded the company that would come to bear his name. He focused on the new email marketing strategies with a full review of the world's email marketing needs and their implications. His conclusion was that the industry was going to be very busy with great demand for email marketing methods by amateur and advanced Internet users and companies in general. He was looking forward to a brilliant future for the email marketing applications and at last developed Email Director. Now OMID SOFT provides Windows based tools for online businesses and is one of the most trusted brands in email marketing solutions. OMID SOFT strives to optimize the online tools experience through its affordable software solution, Email Director. The company's award winning endpoint Email Director product line is deployed in global enterprises, small businesses and consumers' homes.

By early 2005, OMID SOFT achieved a stable base of loyal and satisfied customers in the email marketing arena providing total solutions in the online email marketing services.

OMID SOFT products are used in over 70 countries worldwide and are relied upon by thousands of international corporations, federal, state and local organizations, and individual customers. OMID SOFT has established its products as "the professional, reliable, and easy to use choice for digital marketing".