Email Studio is our enterprise grade email and storage viewer, parser and converter with the full support of MIME and MAPI plus generic Windows, MacOS and Linux formats. Your all-in-one (20+) multi format email and storage processor with embedded RBL, DKIM and Tracer in addition to the unmatched enterprise storage tools.


► Full memory based processor with zero disk or registry activity
► MIME and MAPI email and storage support with S/MIME
► Support International Character Sets and Languages
► Fastest Parsing Algorithm Possible
► 100% Managed .NET Code
► Priority Technical Support
► Annual Free Updates

Enterprise Features

► Calendar Converter/Merger/Splitter
► Contact Converter/Merger/Splitter
► Remote Server Certificate Validator
► Email Converter/Downloader/Validator
► Email/Storage Based File Format Detector
► Send Custom POP3/IMAP4/SMTP/DNS Commands
► Storage Converter/Extractor/Merger/Splitter/Builder/Downloader/Passworder

Supported Formats



► OS: Microsoft Windows XP or Later
► Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or Later
► WB: Microsoft Internet Explorer or MS-Edge
► Computer: IBM PC or 100% Compatible
► CPU: Pentium 2 GHz or Faster
► RAM: 512 MB or Higher
► Hard Disk: 100+ MB
► Internet Access


► Technical support is available for all free and paid users via email.
► All files are code signed to ensure that software has not been tampered.
► Email Studio is freeware, except for the enterprise grade storage features.