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Email Director .NET Email Director Classic
Unlimited Recipients
Automatic MIME Encoding
Asynchronous Communications
Universal Character Set Support
Custom Headers
History File Logging
Progress Monitoring
Automatically Creates Alternative Body Text
Internal Text and HTML Message Editor
Embedded Images in HTML
ESMTP Authentication
ESMTP Pipelining
Configurable Ports
Disposition Notifications
Delivery Status Notification Control
Send Multiple Message Per Connection
Message Queuing with 3rd Party SMTP Servers
Importing of Message Data
Exporting of Message Data
BCC Bulk Sending Method
Automatic opt-in and opt-out Email Processing
Automatic Email Route Tracer
Advanced Automation Tools
CSV Text List Importer and Exporter
SSL Connections Partial
S/MIME Messages  
Schedule Manager  
Certificate Manager  
Send Custom SMTP Commands  
Verify Remote Server Certificate  
Automatic Email Address Verifier  
Automatic Email Bounce Processing  
Direct Sending without SMTP Server  
Excel Worksheet List Importer and Exporter  
Access Database List Importer and Exporter  
Windows Address Book List Importer and Exporter  
Send personalized FAX text messages  
Send personalized mobile SMS text messages  
100% .NET Managed Code + Advanced Database